We pursue happy learning, sharing, transmission and communication as our value, and endeavor to make users learn instruments easily and happily.


Master the instrument happily and easily


Global sharing- innovationresources and thoughts


Operable transmission of education essence


Cast aside language barrier, communicate with the world through music

Featured Products

In order to make instrument learning easy and interesting, we provide high quality services of our products in three aspects: resources(or materials), tools and study.

AI Video Course

AI Video Course

Online teachers teach you to learn musical instruments hand by hand

Digital Music

Digital Music

HD pure music appreciation and instruments learning.

Piano Master

Piano Master

Learning and practicing famous piano music on your real piano


Tunefor Ukulele Tuner

ukulele tabs, chords, cents and all tools about ukulele

Gstring Tuner

Gstring-chromatic tuner

Tuner for guitar, ukulele, violin, bass, piano, mandolin and all stringed instruments

Tab Engine

Tab Engine

A professional tabs library for most instruments and songs

Quality Service

Music appreciation, instruments learning, toolkit and musician’s space are what we can provide to you and users can communicate with the world by music.

Instruments Learning

Rapid self-study of guitar, ukulele, piano, banjo, etc.

Musician's Space

We provide you the experience of sharing, making friends, games and practicing to stimulate your infinite musical potential.


Metronome, tuner, chord list, record, effector, etc.

Music Appreciation

Pure music space for instruments, including timbres of guitar, violin, piano, banjo, bass and drum.


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