When Pure Music Meets Cloud Artificial Intelligence

Programmer Miss Helena, occupied much time by her busy work, has long been rooting a music seed in heart and finally she left her work position in the last company with great courage in 2010. Women naturally belong to disadvantaged groups normally. However, supported by strong and sustaining faith, Miss Helena initiated her own Digital Music Development Lab and after eight years of researching, developing and innovation with a group of like-minded partners days and nights, she successfully harvested millions of followers from the instrument metronome and tuner developed by her team, which was a remarkable success.

If we look at the market, those monotonous and boring traditional ways of instrument learning, cannot always support instrument lovers to insist on their study plan, and exploring a simple, happy and highly effective way to learn instruments has long been Helena’s dream. She pondered, we need lyrics and accompaniment when practicing karaoke, but where are the lyrics and accompaniment of an instrument when playing? Yes, through laborious development and testing, she has found the answer.

Helena introduced digital music and developed high-efficient algorithm with intelligent cloud search engine. Her digital music player has linked to more than 300,000 free digital music sites that users can use them free of charge and it has included accompaniments played by different instruments and music notation as users’ references. It is worth mentioning that Helena created unique karaoke-like mode for instrument playing.

“It’s indeed a marvelous application!” Flows of praises constantly greeted Helena’s ears when testing. Those music- lovers so much loved it. This is because a sea of songs on Cloud update moment by moment, the pure music without language barriers enchants vast instrument lovers, and the play mode, which you can substitute one instrument playing for another,for example, violin for piano, brings a brand new acoustic and visual feast.

“I believe it will be a revolutionary product. ” Miss Helena asserted, “We will expand to more wider fields in the future and Digital Music is the foundation for pushing forward more AI music education.”