G String- Equal temperament tuning app launched two weeks ago

While it might not long ago that we launched Tunefor Ukulele(on Jan. 29, 2018), an tuning app specially designed for ukulele lovers, we launched again a guitar tuning app with music theory twelve-tone equal temperament on Chinese Valentine’s Day (Aug. 17, 2018) in IOS app store that can be used to tune all instruments.

It values US$ 9.99 in app store, but you can free use it by redeeming our distributed promo codes in app store, the activity is now ongoing, you can get by clicking here. The promo codes are first come, first get.



Features and Specs

The past tuning apps are specially designed for tuning one instrument, but G String can tuning most mainstream instruments,such as guitar, bass, ukulele, violin,piano,etc. Users can choose different instruments and enter in relevant tuning mode to tune their instruments. There are five default setting, i.e. tuning mode of guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and piano but users can choose piano tuning mode to tune all instruments, because it applies equal temperament theory inside. When users enter into corresponding mode, there are manual mode and automatic mode which is alternative for users. An instrument beginner is better to use manual mode to tune each string or note. On the top middle, users can also choose different tones. It supports left handed mode and different notations. It is a tone generator too. The real instrument, square wave, saw wave and sine wave can satisfy users with different demands.



Users’ Feedback

After being launched for two weeks, this app had successfully caused an uproar in similar apps. Many users gave feedback that it is users-friendly and is good for tune. Now it had already more than one hundred thousand users and will have more in the future. It suits both instrument beginners and masters. Thus, go to download it now and experience all its features.