Pure Music Should Be Just Amazing As Long Play

In 1933, Radio Corporation of America successfully trail-produced Long Play Record (LP for short) of 331/3 RPM, which improved to 33.5 RPM on the basis of 78 RPM of the original album, greatly extending playing time. Since then, records have continued to improve in material quality and sound effect, but the original 33 RPM LP was thus called LP Record.

LP Record can produce ethereal sound and sense of liveness which is irreplacable by any other musical recorders. LP forces you to slow down, listen carefully to complete songs one by one, therefore, many heavyweight players, conductors, bands and singers still choose LP to record their debut albums. However, LP is particular about device, it requires a professional turn table to play and needs to remove dusts and clean stylus regularly. It’s indeed not very easy to experience sense of elegance, historical depth and nostalgia it brings to us.



Today, it’s not easy for us to buy one precious LP, but many people are still strongly attached to and unforgettable about LP’s sound effect. Digital Music emerges as a medium which ensures you can experience ethereal and live effect.



Digital Music is a professional device for pure music playing and usage, which has more than 300,000 digital music sites for users to free use. Besides, it also includes functions like tabs, musical instrument accompaniments and recording. You can enjoy the original live sound effect no matter by appreciating the pure music or by using melodies to perform. And in either way, it can be used as a karaoke to accompany an instrument or a human voice. Pure music duplicates LP in another way to slow down your hustle and bustle city life and present you with the serenity and glory in life.



Though LP does no longer occupy mainstream musical market today due to all sorts of restrictions it has, we can still feel the magnificent and profound golden age in music history through Digital Music.