When Emotion Meets Suitable Melody

“ I come to the city you live, step the way you arrive, I imagine how lonesomely you live, when you are without me. I grasp the photo you give, how familiar the street looks! But without you in my life, to back then how I wish! If you suddenly appear, in the coffee bar around street corner… ”

The familiar melody greets listeners’ ears from the music restaurant around the street corner, tears always shed out from eyes like a string of disconnected pearls. It’s hard to let off steam to everyone!



Back to the year 2015, Silvia gave up her stable staffing post as a school teacher and remained the city as an ordinary white collar. As a high-spirit and vigorous graduate, she was curious about every new thing and her future. She stayed here just for closely safeguarding her dreaming relationship, an unreachable love for a boy, because she believed that her crush on him would win his heart. Moving those luggage alone from campus to her rental house and carrying a guitar on her back, Silvia was found wandering about on streets and lanes. Dream, love and future, all seemed very remote to her.

As you know, unrequited love is something all about one’s own imagination. Silvia tasted that bitterness when she confessed her love to him and was rejected again right after the time when she finished taking her post-graduate entrance examination. She loved him for everything: his credentials, music preference, handsome face, profound experience in life, sudden innocence appeared in his maturity and anything else like that. However, life will not always go on smoothly. Poor Silvia, giving up everything and carefully maintaining her love alone in this city, broke down that moment and raced through an agony on mind.



No single song could release her grief, even her beloved guitar could not bring her sense of safety and comfort. Nothing but music accompanied her during that endless gloomy and lost days. Silvia was no longer a silly little girl, she had created many guitar tabs and also cured her trauma. In order to record those true- sentiment melodies, she developed Tabs Engine. “ No one will get annoyed about being unable to find suitable melodies. ” Chief Officer Silvia said.



Living in this world with its fleeting days and teeming millions, can you imagine a tabs library can express all your feelings as being hurt, tired, upset, happy, in solitude or in a party? As you can see, Tabs Engine includes solo and ensemble modes, tuning, transposition,users-defined strings, massive tabs and multi- instruments adaptation.



“ We will have access to more authentic music and tabs to meet users’ demands of applying on different occasions. ” Silvia strongly believes that this is a bright road with infinite entertainment as well as endless challenges.