Finger- tips Rotate and Jump

When I was a little young girl, I had an elegant maiden dream, how I wished I could make out beautiful melodies around my finger-tips so as to be chased after as an idol by many…



However, the first mountain ahead of me that I had to conquer was intangible stave and instrument chart. Rushing out to tutorial classes outside school became a dream hard to sustain as time passed by. The acoustic guitar forgotten in old times was sealed in dust dotted with cobwebs.



In a warm sunshine afternoon, holding a guitar on a park bench, you can lazily enjoy delight between fingers by jumping from one fret to another and drawing perfect arcs from one string to another.



In guitar space, the world becomes simple. Listen carefully to the tranquil cosmos, when the world is still, try to trace the sound when a needle falls into water, you can listen accurately what 10 cents will be like.



Under note pass mode in Guitar Space, jumping notes magically turn into rows of colored kayaks, competing fiercely in lines of straight courses. You can feel freely in flowing water fulfillment and delight when finally reaching the finishing line.



“ I will not get surprised by sudden honors or shames just like I appreciated leisurely flowers bloom and fade, and I am not even mind promotion or demotion just as I saw casually clouds gather and disperse. ” This is cited from Sketches by the Little Window by Chen Chiju (1558- 1639, Ming Dynasty). Holding beloved guitar, you can play a complete melody as your heart’s content with the pace of e-tabs. In ancient times, people would always “ Hold onto a wine cup and improvise a poem to amuse himself. ” Anyway, playing a guitar oneself can still be happy and contented.



Rotate and jump and I close my eyes, I lose sight of madding crowd and get lost in my own peaceful world. Playing guitar is no longer a boring thing, just close your eyes and feel at ease in your muscle’s memory of adept fingerpicking.