• Professional metronome accurate and visual

  • Assist you in understanding and practicing complex Assist you in understanding and practicing complex 



  • Practical tuner, tune precisely

  • Accurate and fast transposition Accurate and fast transposition


Chromatic tuning



  • Specialized chromatic tuner 

  • Plentiful of customized temperament 



  • Professional and exact string pitch and tuning

  • Multiple high quality musical instruments are choosable



  • Hand/ Auto mode,  switch freely

  • Customized frequency, you decide it

Self center


  • Share midi files

  • Save records


Thank you!


I am a self-taught guitar player and at the beginning

I cannot tune myself. It was not until I encoutered this

app that I found it cannot only tune guitar strings, but

also piano, violin and many other instruments. The function is

powerful and it indeed is a great helper for learning musical