Last Minute!!! 100 Promo Codes for Free Use Tuning App G String

  • 八月 27, 2018
  • pm2:00 to pm3:00

The function about instruments learning and our activity

Living in a modern noisy magacity, with endless stream of horses and carriages on street, we feel more restless and find nowhere to place our souls under fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle. What’s worse, Increasingly gaining weight and aggravating under-eye dark circles as well as unduly burdensome work and life pressure make us dispirited day by day and cannot get away from. You may plan to do some bodybuilding exercises or travel far away to relax yourself and temporarily escape, but as a plan may not be able to keep up with changes, many times you merely have to run aground them. What’s a pity! Now, you can release yourself at anytime(in office break, after-work time or holidays) or in any places (office, home, park, square,etc.) on account that we develop a particularly user-friendly app for you and all you need is any kind of instruments. Isn’t that useful? As we all know, learning instruments adjusts one’s mentality, releases pressure and takes one’s mind off troubles, besides, it also sharps personal morality and improves self-cultivation, enriches one’s mental life, develops brains, coordinates between one’s hands and limbs, and between left and right hemispheres of our brain, exercises endurance and confidence and even enhances your learning ability to learn other things.


Yes, we are introducing you an instrument tuning app-G String that is suitable for IOS system and most mainstream instruments, like ukulele, guitar, bass,banjo, piano, electronic organ or any other instruments because a piano includes all tones and you can choose piano tuning mode to tune all instruments. The G String initially values US$ 9.99 in App Store, but now you can enjoy all our paid features free of charge to tune your instruments by receiving our promo codes each day. We will distribute 20 promo codes each day in 11 o’ clock and in 5 days. You can follow our activity sector in official main page, once released, those promo codes first come, first get. Users can redeem in IOS App Store, input code NO., then you can freely use it.

Whats function about G String?

G String is an instrument tuning app based on music theory of twelve-tone equal temperament and suitable all instrument lovers to use it. We have preset 5 instrument modes for users to choose, i.e. guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and piano tuning mode, you can choose corresponding mode to tune your instruments or choose piano mode to tune any instruments. An instrument beginning learners rather use manual mode than automatic mode to tune, it’s easier and faster; however, learners with a solid foundation in instruments can casually choose automatic mode to tune. Beside tuning, it can be a tone generator, which you can tune according to what you hear. Amazing,right? So hurry up to get free promo codes and experience all features ! Here we go!

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