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Internet Marketing Specialist

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Regional           Agent                         

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Localized        Translator                  

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User Acquisition Researcher

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Music Education Researcher

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IOS Application Developer

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Android Application Developer

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Product          Manager                                

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Why Ins. Bridge?

Life value embraces individual and social value. Your individual value lies in working on something meaningful, creative and valuable to get satisfaction, self- affirmation and respect from others. And Your social value means what you can contribute to our whole community. This is a warm-hearted team with love, care and common aspiration towards education. So if you love music and enjoy doing great things, come and join us right now!


Meaningful Mission

To be a pioneer to spread advancing teaching philosophy, shape the future of music education and link the world through music.


Creative Work

Think creatively, calculate creatively and realize creatively. You are encouraged to innovate, attempt, fail until succeed.


Perfect Team

To work with best-ever collaborators. They are caring, passionate and high-efficient. Let wisdom sparkles splash in exchanges.


Bright Future

Music combines with Artificial Intelligence to lengthen life of music education and explore a brand-new survival under big data era.


Artificial Intelligence

In big data era, AI is no longer a factor in science fiction. It’s happening everywhere and anytime. We introduce AI into music education and expect what big difference it can make to music and how it can change our life in a more convenient and high- efficient way.

Our technologies:

  • The No. 1 tuning technology among other similar apps in the whole network can tune all instruments.
  • The most intelligent algorithm is accurate to calculate sound as short as 0.01 second.
  • Our tuning app can rapidly recognize multi-sounds.
  • Our up-to-date technologies can calculate instrument sounds when users playing.
  • Over 3,000,000 ukulele users currently and the figure is constantly growing.
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