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AI educational application with various functions makes your musical instrument learning easy and happy. That is because music builds a bridge of communication and helps you to make more like-minded friends.

ai video

AI Video

Online teachers teach you to learn musical instruments hand by hand

ukulele tuner


Ukulele tabs, chords, cents and all tools about ukulele


Piano Master

Learning and practicing famous piano music on your real piano

guitar space

Guitar Space

Practicing on real guitar tabs, chords, lessons, games and music

drums master

Drums Master

Use real drum kit to learn drum sets rudiments and techniques.

digital music

Digital Music

HD pure music appreciation and instruments learning


Tabs Engine

A professional tabs library for most instruments and songs

guitar tuner gpitch

Gstring-Chromatic Tuner

Tuner for guitar, ukulele, violin, bass, piano, mandolin and all stringed instruments

ukulele tuner icon

Metronome-beat Pro

An accurate two-mode e-metronome: classical and professional version